An insecure man seeking a cliche opinion: am I reasonably attractive?

I've been very insecure for a very long time, and from what I've learned it seems to run in my family. But a fresh pair of eyes never hurt anything, so here it goes.

In profile picture, I'm not a high enough level to post links.

I'm insecure as mentioned above. I've been told my entire life that I was intelligent enough to enter whatever career I'd like, but I am still struggling to believe it. I am an undergraduate at university, majoring in physics (with plans to receive a doctorate in a future) with a minor in mathematics. I'll listen to any kind of music, read any kind of book or watch any program or movie that isn't blatantly idiotic. I seem to be a romantic person as well. I try and treat everyone equally, but as is natural I have certain preferences when it comes to women and friends. I look at personality more than attractiveness, which isn't typical but is absolutely true. I have a huge interest in motorsports and used to drive professionally myself, but abandoned that to gain an education. I'm also a private person who doesn't enjoy partying (I like to remember my day to day experiences) and generally only has a small, close knit group of friends in the case that I have any at all. Also, my height is 6'1" and I weigh 165 pounds. I'm average size and not particularly muscular as I dislike working out.

That's all I suppose, apologies for the long post. Please be brutally honest, I can take it and don't need anything to be 'sugar-coated'. Thanks! :)


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  • I'm too embarrassed to post this without being anonymous, but you really are, exactly what I wish to find in a guy. Including your looks. I really like what I see in your picture.

    I get asked out by meatheads with whom I don't have one thing to talk to me about. And I'm actually very shy to even think to approach someone. I hope there's one of you here in Europe who'll have the courage to ask me out. =(

    • You shouldn't be embarrassed by that. I'm surprised you think all of those things, I really appreciate it.

      I apologize for your bad dating experiences. I hope you find what you are looking for. Also, you could send me a message if you want to.

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    • What do you mean that I don't think you ever will?

    • I can't just move to a random country. I need to be able to work there to live there. Finding a job in a rich country is hard. =/

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  • Would date.

    However, I have to say I'm a fan of nice arms...that would increase my interest in nearly anyone. Not body builder...just hard and slightly muscular. You could stand to gain in your arms.

    But even without that, you seem like you'd be my type. Especially because intelligence and personality are also important to me.

    • Thanks for the advice. I've tried to gain arm muscle a few times with no success. Thanks for the opinion.

    • Don't give up. If you follow a plan, you'll gain (muscle that is). Maybe this will give you some added confidence

  • True sexiness is about the person knowing what they are and embracing it. They are daring and gutsy in what they want to achieve in life. A strong mind helps too.

    • You look alright but abit insecure about yourself in the photo. A worry wart maybe?

    • Silicon Valley hi-tech geek

    • I suppose that's true. Daring though? My career doesn't exactly call for that, haha.

      I am absolutely worrisome, that also runs in my family. What do you mean by the Silicon Valley comment?

      Thanks for the opinion.

  • Yes, you are attractive. And you seem as very interesting guy. You just have to work on your self-esteem issues. Girls love confident guys.

    • Thank you and yes that's definitely true. Why is confidence so important though I wonder. Thanks for the opinion!

  • You are. As knotme stated, trying something different with your hair would push you up even more. :)

    • Thanks! I appreciate it. I just keep my hair short because it's terrible when longer. Thanks for the opinion.

    • No problem :) Maybe you can style it somehow...

    • Not sure. I'm terrible at those kinds of things. But I'll look into it.

  • You're definitely attractive. And agree with the whole hair thing...

  • I dont know why you would thing you aren't?

    • A multitude of rejections and the way most women seem to look through me with condescension. That and the fact that insecurity seems to be genetic in this case. Thanks for the opinion.

    • Well I think you are very handsome.

    • Thank you, I appreciate that. :)

  • you would be more so, if you change the hair style


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  • Im a man so i dont how attractive you are.But you owned a physical features for a charismatic leader or a manager. don't worry about physical insecurity.I believe you can deal with it.
    My advice is Read stories about encouraging, self empowerment and learn how to be a good speaker dont waste your talent i can see a huge potential in you.
    Good Luck Son.

    • That's not a bad idea honestly. I'll check some bookstores. Thanks for the opinion.

  • We all have.. insecurity to a degree is bad, but I dont trust anyone. been like that since I was 18..

    • I understand, trust is a very difficult thing to give. Thanks for the comment.

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    • Haha, it's fine, wish I could be of help to you as well.

    • no one can..

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