Too shy for "regular" clothing?

Hello GaG, I have bit problem of a problem. I'm way to shy when it comes to male attention. Specifically the one directed at my body.
I'm actually ok when a guy flirts and stares at my face, because I've learned to mix eye contact and looking away in order to reduce the possibility of becoming flustered, but when guys start checking out my body I just want to run away.

The requirement for "fitting in" also includes fashion to a degree. I've always done my best to not stand out, but I never really succeeded, because it's aparent that I dress modestly. I keep it sporty, I adore cute prints like bears, bunnies, flowers, so my friends told me, that combined with my childlike face, makes look like a kid. =( People who know my age tend to presume I'm religious. =/

I'm slim and fit, so I have a decent looking body. Guys stare and as flattering as that is, to know you're desireable, it's a lot more uncomfortable. My shyness overshadows the flattery, so it's not rewarding for me.

Girls and guys, can you please suggest some outfits, pieces of clothing, that will allow me to remain modestly dressed and comfortable, but that are also pretty, maybe glamorous (for a night out) and befitting of a 20 year old girl.
I'm really not good with fashion and shopping. ^.^'


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  • I'm sorry you feel shy and uncomfortable, I'm sure you look gorgeous though if guys look at you a lot! :) It's good to be reserved and not show off all your skin all the time, I think it's nice when you're covered up then on a nice occasion you wear something a bit more daring because it's a chance for people to see you looking different.

    I sometimes have the same problems as you, although I have a curvy figure my frame is insanely small which means I usually have to shop in kids ranges. That can be tough when you want something adult for a night out which doesn't have 'I <3 One Direction' all over it haha.

    If you want something a bit more adult looking on a daily basis, just get some clothes which are fashionably loose or baggy, they don't show any skin and don't cling to areas of your body you'd rather people didn't stare at. This was just a quick outfit I found browsing which I think is kind of reserved but stylish aswell:,+distressed+jeans.png

    For meals out/bars and things, I always find that hard. I want to keep covered without looking like I've missed the meet up for prayer meeting. I just found something quick, but these kind of short dresses might be an idea, they're looser and covered and are great for summer and winter. You could even wear tights/leggings if you really wanted. They kind of look cutsie to match the things you like and they're good for your age range or for someone older :)</a>

    • Thank you so much. That first outfit is something I'll definitely download to my cell and go find! =D
      I'm not sure about the dresses, but you're right that they could be comfortable in the right combination. =O

    • Yeah I personally wouldn't wear the dresses either :P but I was having a job trying to find any that weren't super tight O.o

      I love the first outfit too, I'm sure it would look great on you :D

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  • You say you're 20 and fit... so what's the problem? You seem like a nice type of girl, men appreciate girls who are themselves... not those who try to pretend they're something they're not just to attract the type of guys who'll not make them happy anyhow!

    • Well when women groom themselves they show availability. If I look like a kid, what type of guy am I going to attract.
      I think it's a nice sentiment and I agree that being something you're not is not a good thing.
      But my sense of style doesn't define me, my need for modest clothing does.
      As far as fashion goes I don't have much of an identity to change. I'm really just asking for fashion advice, as I can't change who I am (shy n' crazy) even if I wanted to. ^^

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    • I know I've found a bit of compromise in a semi loose shirts. You can see I'm not fat, but you can't see me. They are mostly bland, simple and make me feel ok because they aren't tight, but aren't too big. But then again, I mostly have teddy bears on those. -_-
      They are the height of my fashion evolution so far. =D

    • yeah - ditch the teddies... unless you're looking to attract flat balding pedos in their late 40s wearing trench coats!

      Copy a celeb or someone with a simular body shape as you and failing that - always (and without question) trust the saying tight is right!

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