What's up with you ladies?

okey girls I really need to know this one thing

i don't know but while I'm taking a walk or in a car or whatever I tend to look at all the girls out there

all the girls that in my opinion are beautiful

and sometimes I tend to think that all the people should be like


but most of the time I see you girls walking with your head

down looking at the ground

i think it sucks lol

and I keep wondering why these girls don't make eye contact?

i mean there must be at least one of you looking for a guy to notice her

i hope you understood what I'm talking about

don't know how to explain better than that : )


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  • idk why others say that you are insecure or w/e when you looking down, that doesn't mean a person is insecure or thinks they are ugly. Not to be conceited I find myself attractive and pretty and beautiful. I look down allot when I walk down the street and there are guys or anywhere, sometimes I just feel uncomfortable, sometimes I am shy. I can avoid eye contact when I know a guy is looking at me I guess its turned in to a bad habit, I should stop it makes me look obviously not approachable, but then I feel like if I make eye contact the guy thinks its ok to talk to me like I am interested.


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  • A lot of things go through my head when I'm walking since that's when I do some of my heaviest thinking so that's why I don't make eye contact with people. I'm also clumsy like Shlei3 and I need to focus...but I generally smile more when I'm sitting down at the library or a coffeeshop.

  • I do a lot of thinking when I'm walking, so I don't really focus on what's going on around me too much. Plus, I have issues with my vision, so I rarely ever see facial features when I'm walking passed a person anyway; I would have to seriously stare them down for a bit before I could see them clearly, and that might be awkward. I'm also clumsy, and after so many times of nearly busting my ass, I've gotten into the habit of looking down when I walk.

    It's not a great habit to get into, but I just don't pay attention to it enough to change it

  • If you were to ever see me you'd see I was walking around with my head down. Reason being? I am very clumsy and find it hard to look up and walk without tripping. Other than that, I have no problem with eye contact. I wish girls knew how beautiful they are.

    • Ye me too I walk with my head down aswell so I don't trip

      but my head gooes up like Giraffe when a girl pass by lol

  • Girls will avoid eye contact with guys because they don't think there is any chance that the guy will find them attractive. Either that or she's just not interested in the guy. Looking down is usually a sign of a low self-esteem. Sometimes I will see a hot guy and think about make eye contact with him but then I think that he's too good for me and he would never be interested so I don't make it.

  • They are shy, they have low self esteem, they are thinking, they are unhappy, they are not interested, they see something interesting on the ground, there are tons of reasons why are girl could be looking down as she walks.


    They[and, I admit, I] should look up and make eye contact and such but whatever the reason, it doesn't always happen that way.

  • well I'm one them people that walks with my head down I don't know I have always done it I just don't want to be noticed because in my head if iam been noticed I think its because I'm ugly etc..

  • I guess there are a lot of different reasons! A lot of people are shy, sometimes its considered rude/confronting to to look straight at strangers for no particular reason.. Sometimes people are just busy and have things on their mind!

    If it really bothers you, do something about it! make a scene - drop something, find an excuse to get their attention... but most of all don't get hung up about it.

    I am assuming from your question that you are quite young, therefore the girls you would be looking at also young... they are as new to it all as you are... Be the one to make a difference if it makes you happy.There is no need to be conscious about it, do what your heart tells you to do and have no regrets or unanswered questions!

    It has taken me some time, but I have learnt to stand up tall and look at people when I want to, radiate confidence and people will notice ;-)

    Hope this helps and isn't just a bunch of jibberish!


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