Advice about style and a handbag?

There is this handbag that I really like, I've been wanting it for a few months already but since it's not the most cheap one (110 euro) I'm waiting a while to see if I still want it.
I've come to the conclusion I still want it now so I've been thinking about the color. I just LOVE it in this color:
but they have it in black as well (
Now I'm a fan of pink and coral and red, so some of my shirts are pink, nails are coral or red, and I have a soft pink blazer (been looking around for more colors).
Yesterday a friend told me: "is there anything you own that's not pink?". This made me doubt about getting that bag in pink...
Oh well, a long rant for a (for you maybe stupid) question: which color should I choose?

(no stupid comments about the handbag or whatever please)
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  • The black one
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  • black goes with nearly all outfit color

  • The color black tends to go well with almost everything. Give that a try first.


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