So, guys... got a hair question for you?

So I've been researching a bit and apparently guys really don't like the look of girls with short hair, particularly pixie cuts. However, for college I'm thinking of loping off a good portion of my hair into a bob (above the shoulders, but still some length). Also, my hair's curly so its a bit of a management thing.

My questions:
What is too short for you guys?
Why does this matter so much?
Is the short hair a deal breaker?
Is this the "no short hair" thing an overall idea, or are there some exceptions where it's okay?


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  • If you get honest opinions most guys will tell you they want a girls hair long and girls will tell you to cut it short (cuts down on their competition) in the end you can do what you want depending on who your wanting to impress.

    What is too short for you guys? --- if it doesn't at least go below your shoulders it is to short IMHO

    Why does this matter so much? --- Long hair give you a feminine quality just like chest size or nice curves, to short you seem masculine no matter what other looks you have IMHO

    Is the short hair a deal breaker? ---- YES defiantly. I have meet girls with nice face, nice body nice personality and good attitude but walked away because of short hair. yes she could grow it but why would you want someone to change she likes it short she just isn't right for me

    Is this the "no short hair" thing an overall idea, or are there some exceptions where it's okay? --- I say its a overall idea but there is always some exceptions for example guys that need less competition when going after girls mite consider a short hair girl and just say it doesn't matter to them

    • Although I disagree with a few of your points (competition?), you did extensively answer my question. Still cutting my hair short, but it's nice to know what guys think.

    • Thanks for MH

      disagreeing is ok since everyone has there own points of view, yes I always found girls to be competitive with each other but that's just my opinion maybe you see something different. For a guy chasing the girls it's easier to get the short haired one because more guys are going after girls with longer hair ie: less competition

      good luck with the hair cut and with college

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  • Perhaps, google for some pics that look similar to the look you consider. That's easier to comment on.
    It's always difficult, since some girls look excellent with short hairs.
    Generally, for most girls, I would say "let the hair at least touch the shoulders".
    But that's not a general rule.

  • I'd consider short hair like emma watson a bit too short but jennifer lawrence's length would be just fine. as long as the girl feel secure about herself I don't think it matters that much.

  • Too short is from your ears and above. It matters much because long hair is what actually makes women attractive and beautiful.

  • It is completely dependent on her face. Some can pull it off, some can't. But generally I don't seem to find hair shorter than mid neck length to be attractive. Ironically though, I find ponytails and some updos hot.

    It really depends on the face, if she's hot enough, her hair length only makes a minor difference. This girl is still atractive to me: But that length in a differnt style or on a different girl might look bad.

    Long hair is considered feminine and a sign of health, important things in a mate.

    It might be a deal breaker if i'm not already with her (i might not consider her when selecting girls).

    See above.

  • i prefer buzz cut on a girl


What Girls Said 2

  • normally most guys don't like too short hair since they consider it as being too boyish and not enough feminine

  • Do what you want. Don't let guys dictate what you do.


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