What products and good encourage the growth and strengthening of afro caribbean type hair?

So I have short afro caribbean. My hair is tamed by perm every month. It used to be long but extensions ruined it a lot so now I am trying to get it healthy I know it will take a while.

What do you recommend. I am using cocunut oil, creme of nature shampoo which contains natural fruit extracts.also mega growth anti breakage every night.

What else can I do to it?


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  • Biotin (3000+ mg daily)...and it sounds gross, but yeast infection medicine. Google it lol.

    • does biotin really works?

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    • m.hollandandbarrett.com/.../product_detail.asp

      You are right I read up on Biotin and it can be used for strengthening hair follicle will purchase this soon :))

    • Yeah, and it's relatively inexpensive. Just remember to try to get the ones that have at least 1000mg per tablet. I don't know what UG is lol :P but if you get like the 300mg tablets, you'll have to take a looot everyday and the bottle will be gone quick as hell.

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  • perm is really damaging to the hair you should give you hair a long break from such harmful chemicals...afro caribbean hair is naturally dry and fragile so what you are actually doing to your hair actually is a great way to nourish it

    • Thanks I agree

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    • thanks for the advice baby:-).that's because lately i'm having splitting nails and i wanted to try biotin

    • I was having the same issue before I started it. You're welcomee:)

  • Take BIOTIN! It strengthens your hair, speed hair growth, and good for skin and nail. It a water supplement.

    The only bad thing is it MIGHT give you some acne. It depends how your body react to it.

  • You are doing a lot for hair already now all you have is time.

    Give your hair a break and stop perming because that is what's making your hair breaking off.


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