Baby faced guy who needs some advices?

I have a baby face and it gets me in a lot of awkward situations, so I wanted some advices to look my age..The beard option is the not a nice option since I only can grow a goatee and a stach, also I used to hit the gym but I stopped and I'll get back in the summer..but that never helps, almost did everything but nothing worked, I got in a good shape and got some lean muscles also tried to buy new clothes that look more mature a bit..and still people will treat me as an immature kid until I talk
so what does a mature guy looks like to you? And what is you fashion tips?


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  • Fake beard.
    Paint a beard
    Get it tattooed
    Get yourself tattooed
    Wear macho trendy clothes
    Make spiky hairstyles
    Or just accept your cute face and be cute as a whole
    Many girls love cute guys :)

    • Well, it is not about what many girls like, it is just about being satisfied so..

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    • It seems to be the only way to get a full beard

    • Actually yes.
      You should maybe put some practical thought into it.
      Or just wait a year or so.. You might lose the baby face with age.

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  • Embrace who you are. You''ll be old before you know it.

    I too had a baby face. I thought it sucked at the time, then I woke up one day as a stressed out 24 year old man that actually looked the part. Now I wish I had my baby face, because now that it's gone there's no going back.

    • It sucks at the time, really what's the advantages you lost when you lost the baby face?I used to look 16 when I was like 12 and it felt awesome

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  • Changing up your hair style could help. Having a baby face is't that bad, it's really cute. I have many friends that love guys with baby faces!

  • You shouldn't worry about this and one day this will only work in your advantage. Who cares how people talk to you. If they know you then they would treat you how you deserve to be spoken to. I have a similar problem as most people do not believe I'm turning 28 this year. Guys speak to me like I am naive and clueless about life in general. They are only fooling themselves though. :)


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  • facial hair hides baby faces and not-so-good looking men.

    it is your salvation.

    • Only if I could grow a full beard...I can only grow chin beard and a stach

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