How can I make my complexion look less matte?

I have a feeling the problem may lie with my sunscreen. I have to wear non-chemical sunscreens on my face, meaning the kind with titanium or zinc oxide. I currently use one that contains something called micro-zinc, which is supposed to leave less of a white cast on the skin. Not sure how well that works, but non-chemical formulations are my only choices.

What can I do to give my skin a more dewy appearance? I don't want to use highlighters and sparkly products during the day. I use a serum under the sunscreen, and I mix the sunscreen with a bit of liquid foundation for dry skin.

Perhaps I just need a good moisturizer to put on under my sunscreen. Any suggestions? Fragrance-free is a must. I just want something that will feel like it is sinking in and leaves my skin fresh and dewy.

Thanks for your suggestions. Oh, if you could keep it under $30, that would be great.


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  • A shimmery powder two shades lighter being lightly administered on your cheekbones, jaw, and forehead will make you glow and stand out!


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