I've been talking to this guy for a few month now... He in a different country but I visit often. I know his cousins and met him once and we've been chatting alot. When we first starting talking he didn't have a girlfriend and he would tell me I'm so beautiful and he can't wait to take me out and wanted to know things about me. What I like and etc. WELL he is now back with his ex. But I did not know he still continued to talk to me and he's always flirting and asking me who this guy is that's been talking to me and etc. He says how he's jealous but I don't understand why because he has a g.f now. When I ask him if he's happy he tells me he's content/alright. He flirts with me a lot he said he wants to take me on a romantic dinner but how can that be if he has girlfriend. I told him I will not see him if he is still seeing her and that I feel bad for her. He tells me things can change once I arrive. Last time I had talk to him he told me he can't wait to see me and he's counting down... And when I asked what he was doing he said he just got back from the store and bought a present for his girlfriend because it was her birthday and I asked him what did you get her...he says lingerie so I haven't spoke to him since and he tries to tell to me everyday! he also tells me he dreams of me everynight. And when I said why not your girlfriend he says he want to think of me.

ugh just noticed a lot of missing words...sorry!


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  • I think that the distance thing is definitely a problem for your relationship. She's there so he might feel like he has to settle for less and be with her since you aren't there to start a relationship with. He might also be trying to have both of you at the same time and playing mind games with you. There's no way of knowing his intentions til you visit him and he makes efforts to show that he's serious about you guys (like breaking up with her).

  • I'd be very careful. It seems that he thinks that if you're not there then he has the right to chase someone else, which may mean that if you are together in a more permanent situation and you have to leave for a while (to visit your parents, perhaps) he may pick up a "filler' woman while you're gone. While to some people this would be acceptable, it's something that you and only you can decide upon. You also have to ask yourself if you want to be locked into a relationship full of double standards. (For example, he can have a girl on the side, but if a guy looks at you then he's angry...)