Is it unprofessional to place a piece of plaster over broken pimple?

It's a small pimple, but broken and looks unpleasant for even me. Is it unprofessional if I put a small piece (0.25 * 0.25 cm size) of plaster over it? Else what can I do? I'm meeting my crush soon.
I want more opinions please.
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  • I'm sorry if this is a late reply but no! of course not. I mean nobody blessed guys with any cover up products such as make-up, mineral veil, blahblahblah. So go ahead. and never be embarrassed to do that. Just ask a close lady friend or maybe a sister or mom if you've applied it to where it doesn't look noticeable.
    hope this helped! (:

    • I'm meeting my crush tomorrow and should I be concerned with this?

  • I dont see the problem with doing that

    • Is it ok to meet my crush with it? This is very important for me

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