It's like I'm pretending about who I really wanna be?

ok I'm from the city but my other family is from the country and I wanna be like them but I don't know how... I'm in high school I mean am I able to wear cowboy boot hat or straight legged pants with out being picked on? do you girls care? I mean I just don't know how I would so many people know me as this city boy it's like I'm pretending about who I really wanna be? guys/girls advice


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  • ok ik this probably isn't what you wanna hear but if you go to school in cowboy boots/hat someone is definantly gonna pick on you. I'm from the south and last year I was into the whole redneck/cowboy thing as far as guys went but I grew out of it. just be yourself. you say you want to be like them but do YOU seriously want to wear that stuff? some girls would find it very cute and lots of girls go for the southern hospitality thing so you can remember that. you also say that people know you as a city boy so don't you think people are kinda gonna take it as a joke? sure I think some people would find it cute but if ur from the city...well I don't think many girls there would go for it...good luck! :)

    • No no I don't think I would go to school like that but thanks:D

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  • I think country boys are really cute, but please don't go to highschool (in the city) wearing cowboy boots... ever. You can however pull off the straight legged jeans, flannel shirts and occasionally cowboy hats. Just remember that it's all about being humble, hardworking and sincere. If that's not who you are, then don't try to be :)

  • Actually, one thing you have to do to be a little bit country is be sweet and give off some southern hospitality (be yourself and make people feel right at home). Hope that helps :].


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