Any comments on my observations about the facial features girls from various countries are after?

From my observations, these are the facial traits that a girl looks for if she was in:

- English-speaking countries (e.g. Australia, USA, Canada):
angular chiseled jaw, prominent high cheek bones, medium sharp nose, light eyes, a smile where only the entire upper row of teeth are seen.

- South Asian/ Subcontinental (e.g. India, Pakistan etc): FAIR SKIN, long sharp nose, thick hair, medium sized face

- East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese etc.): sharp nose; thick hair, double eyelids, medium sized face

- Latin America: light eyes, light skin, caucasian eyes and nose, strong jaw line, long face

- European: not sure

- Africa: not sure

- Oceania: Not sure


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  • you dont have a true statement for latin for one, because there are different ethnicities and regions


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  • in regards to the east asian, sharp jawline is important

  • South Asian- Why was "fair skin" in caps? :P

    • because it's disproportionately emphasised there.

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