Senior picture outfit ideas help?

I get 4 outfits. Quick changes like a jacket or something don't count. I'm a country girl and am taking pictures with my horses, but I want a more girly side, too. Maybe a white dress with a belt and boots? Or something pink or red because I like pink and red. I also want something that'd show my good figure but isn't slutty or anything. Ideas?


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  • A cute floral dress would look nice
    denim shorts with a plaid shirt? the shirt could be red
    you could also wear a polo with coloured shorts or pants

    • I like the polo idea :) The plaid shirt I was going to do already, but I was deciding between my Silver jeans or shorts. I have a pretty pink floral lace dress, too.

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    • Breeches and plaid wouldn't look right, nor would skinny jeans. I'd wear boot cut, but I have to pick a pair. Haha

    • Haha best of luck!

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