When you iron your freshly washed clothes, which ones will you iron and which ones simply fold up?

I know some people are really fanatic in ironing. They will iron every piece of textile which would not melt under their iron.
Others will only iron their pants and shirts and that's it. The rest gets folded up and disappears into the wardrobe.

So, guys and girls, when you iron your clothes which ones get the service and which ones take the bypass?


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  • id dont think I've ever ironed anything in my whole life...first time i saw an ironing board i thought it was a training surfboard lol :P

    • Haha, that's funny. I admit guilt... I've rarely done it myself.
      The only occasions were when my mother had broken her arm and needed assistance in the household.

    • Haha, you're the only answer but it's a nice one... so the MH is 100% deserved!

    • haha thanks for MH!! :P

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