Chemical burns from hair bleach?

I get my hair bleached and I notice that after my last touch up at the roots a few days ago, I had some red marks on my forehead by the roots. They are small red dots and look like burns. It does always hurt a bit when I get my hair bleached. Also, my scalp looks a little pink by the back of my head.

Is this dangerous? Should I stop bleaching my hair? I used to have highlights, I may just start getting highlights again because the bleach won't get on my scalp that way-it's known to be a lot safer.

Has anyone had this happen?


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  • Yeah, bleach definitely doesn't do your hair any favours. I used to bleach mine and after a while I was getting a lot of hair falling out in the shower. If you're getting burns that's really not good, I would suggest giving your hair a break and try the highlights.


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