Help, I can't style my hair to save my life

I have thin hair (not thinning as in balding) as in it isn't very thick and I don't like it. When I get my hair cut I usually ask to have it cut by hand on the top, and have it textured, and #3 electric clippers on the sides. Whenever the stylist puts product in my hair (I think some kind of redken wax it comes in a grey round container) she usually makes it look nice like either of these styles:



But afterwards I can never get it styled like that. whenever I try to do it, it always clumps together (and looks bad because my scalp shows) and all the hair stays straight forward, I'm never able to toss it around and make it stay.

so how does everyone else do it, what exact product do you use and how do you prepare your hair before you use it; is it totally dry, wet, does conditioner play a big role? I'm tired of my hair looking plain because I can't style it properly.

Here is what my hair is like usually



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  • I have the EXACT same problem.

    I was at my friends house and I borrowed some of his gel, it was in a yellow nad blue bottom "Short Sexy Hair" I think. I held all day and my hair is THICK. It does make your hair look gelled but I used too much.

    To get that hairstyle you want I believe you will need more thickness in your hair, and just a lot of "fluffing it up" just running your hands through your hair a few times and try going from there.

    My dad gets that exact thing daily, I'll see what he says.


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  • Oh, dear... first off, to Wiseman1... Product is not product.

    The stylist can achieve the style you want because she's using a very high quality product. Redken is, in my opinion, the best brand for styling and finishing products.

    The Redken system is pretty easy to understand. The bigger the number the better the hold. For the style you want a gel, wax or clay would probably be best.

    I'd suggest either 13- Nylon Clay, 22- Concrete or 20- Rough Clay.

    What your saying about the product clumping in your hair is probably a combination of using too much product and not applying it properly. Use a very small amount (you can always get more if you need more) and rub it all over your hands, then put it in your hair. That should stop it clumping.


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  • Stop washing and conditioning your hair everyday. Your hair will gain volume and appear thicker. Start by just washing ever other day then try longer if you want.

    Product is product. You probably want some kind of palmaid


  • Don't use gel what you hafta use is a styling paste try Garnier Fructis "surf hair" texture paste matte effect. I do it a few different ways some times with my hair dry others when its still a little wet, you'll prob. want to do it when its dry. Take a small bit on your finger about the size of a beebee maybe a little bigger and run I through your hair. The nice thing about it stays dry unlike gels which will clump your hair together. Then when you have the style you want either just let it go and touch it up through out the day with no more product. or just lightly hit it with hair-spray and it will hold all day. Hey man I hope it helps.

    • That sounds like a very small amount. Do you rub it into your hands/fingers first, how do you distribute it through your hair if you use so little?

    • Yea put it on your finger then rub it into the palm of your hands then run them through your hair you really don't need a lot I have thick hair and I use about pea size maybe a little less.

    • Hmmm maybe the problem is I'm using too much. Thanks!

  • gel helps.

    but if youd rather not, shampoo and conditioner will help the hair stay healthy

    me, I shampoo and conditioner every other day, so I don't put too much stress on my hair. No its not greasy or dirty.

    when I style my hair I put gel in after I shower. I don't rub my hair dry either, I pat it...