How to get rid of bleach blonde hair?

I bleached my hair blonde. It used to be different shades of blonde and highlighted so it was very pretty and multi toned blonde also more natural but I got bleach happy. I'm getting sick of the bleach and I want my stylist to add some lowlights to make it back to the highlighted look. She said it won't be so easy because bleached hair is hard to darken

Do you think a highlighted blonde is prettier than all over bleach blonde? Basically it has shades of light medium and dark blonde all blended together.

And for those of you who used to be bleach blonde and got rid of it was it hard to darken the hair? Share experiences.
I don't color my own hair ever. I will go to the salon. She said the lowlights will look dark at first and then fade because bleach hair doesn't hold color so well. I still want a lot of blonde in my highlights so I think sparse lowlights will work


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  • Go buy some de-bleacher, it will take the bleach right out.


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  • I don't know why it would be hard to darken...maybe it just wouldn't last as long once you dye it, since the hair is so processed. I went from bleach blonde to dark brown pretty easily and I don't remember having many issues keeping it, though my hair was really short so it probably all grew out anyway...

    The worst that can happen is you might have to dye it more often that normal to keep the colour fresh, which might damage your hair, but seeing as you've bleached it a lot it can't get much more damaged really, haha.


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  • Go to a professional hair stylish


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