When you look at yourself in the mirror on an average day, do you see aspects of your style or clothing that are typical to your culture?

Just some examples of what the question could mean:
- "In my culture, girls tend to wear long dresses and sandals".
- "We always cover up our everything but our feet, so we wear extremely long dresses or skirts or long trousers".
- "Girls here have a culture of wearing high heels and guys wear a costume every day".
- Perhaps the Scotsmen up here... something about a kilt.

Etc, etc... thanks for your contributions!


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  • my style doesn't like typical Korean haha :) Koreans tend to wear really really short mini skirts, with long loosen t-shirt with at least 10cm high heels during summer, I never wear that short shirt ever also cannot wear that high high heels :P they tend to wear heavier make up compare to Canadian, and I don't wear that much make up neither :) I think my style is somewhere between Canadian and Korean :) Korean clothing style is very fancy haha

    • That's interesting - a mix between two cultures! If you would ask my opinion, I wouldn't mind about the absense of very high heels and tons of make-up. I like the natural look and the smile of a girl!
      Short skirts can be pretty on a young girl but it should never look "exaggerated"... as if the textile was scarse :-)

    • :) thank you~~

    • Your answer was by far the most helpful. Many thanks for the clear explanation of Korean and Canadian styles :-)

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  • Girls are pretty trendy here in Australia, and I guess that influences me. I definitely enjoy playing with different style and am usually quite well put together.

  • Yes. I dress conservatively because that's how it is in my culture. I can follow key trends but I will only stick to things I know that won't have my ass or boobs hanging out.

    • Just curiousness... do you refer to UK culture? I would assume yes since I think tradition is very important in the UK?

  • Yes. The clothing is casual and comfortable. Nothing too flashy but with clothes or accessories that show off a personality trait.
    I'm American.

    • Like that idea... If you look good in the clothes, the clothes are perfect for you :-)

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    • Absolutely. That's why I asked the question. These are the kind of questions that you learn a lot through - some answers are those you could expect but some are total surprises. That's part of why we're on GAG :-)

    • :) Yes, I like this site too, you see everything. Lol.

  • Yup. Not just culture, religion wise too.


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