What color and size of pantyhose, and your shoe size and your height. Trying to get a feel for who you are by how you buy hoisery. I miss the days?

Getting a feel on her post I'm a Pantyhose foot conisouers and would like to know what it is that holds back today's women from wear the sexy and beautiful Pantyhose


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  • Wow, some guys really love their hose! That's ok, as I do too.
    I'm pretty petite at 5'2" and a size 6 shoe, so I opt for small sizes in hosiery, naturally. My favorite colors are the skintone colors like beige, tan, nude, etc first then black and followed by white.

  • I wear the ones with a line up the back, usually black, and I have to buy XL because I have long legs. I usually have to try and take them in (make the waist smaller) because XL is so big, so it's a lot of bother. That's why I only wear them for 'special' occasions. haha. what exactly prompted this question?


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