How is it that some pretty girls don't know how to be pretty?

So I live in grad house with 6 people, two gals, one is hopelessly single. She just can't get a guy.

Now, shy personality quirks aside, she just doesn't seem that attractive.

But here's the thing, I've lived with her long enough to know that she is in fact quite good looking. she's very fit, has nice curves, and has a pleasant face.

The thing is, though, she just can't seem to dress in clothes that flatter her, she sucks at wearing makeup, and just seems to look even worse when she "makes an effort"! I blame the fact that she went to an all girls school for undergrad, so went 4 years without trying to impress guys or whatever.

Its just a bummer for her because she is just shooting herself in the foot at every opportunity! I'd like to help her as a friend. I'm not trying to get in her pants, I want her to find someone who wants to get into them.


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  • How is it that some pretty girls don't know how to be pretty?
    In my opinion it's probably because those gals bought the bs that guys like gals without makeup or that guys like gals better without makeup without realizing it likely really means guys like attractive gals who look attractive without makeup. I find heterosexual gals who 'don't know how to be pretty' have failed in my opinion at realizing how superficial/shallow heterosexual males are and that to attract a guy a gal generally has to look her 'best possible' akin to idealized glamour gals.

    • I mean, at least to get her foot in the door, I agree, us men are pigs. But after a couple dates I do believe she can slowly stop trying again.

      But lets be fair here, there's plenty a man has to do differently too to play the "game" and get girls to like them.

      Really, we are all pigs. Hmm.

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    • Seems more like you do reading wrong.

      "In fact, the opening of my statement was indeed an admittance that men are usually shallow "pigs". I then proceeded to address females to encompass humanity as a whole. " which is like I said rather than just make an admittance you play the gals do it too card.

      Egh you're the one making it about genders with the gals do it too card. You asked how come your pretty gals like your friend don't know how to be pretty and I answered why it being I think they bought the bs of guys aren't that superficial.

      I dont even talk about gender wtcupcake on 'this question isn't suppose to debate gender roles'.

      The only thing I assumed was that you were seems you really do reading wrong and may have some projection issues. Not seeing why you felt the need to bring up your sexuality...o.o

    • To me 'yeah guys do it' is quite different from 'yeah guys do it but so do gals'.

      It's telling for me as gals do it too is irrelevant as nowhere did I state gals don't and going by the QA it appeared your friend is straight as I seem no mention of her trying to get gals attention as well. You seemingly made it a gender thing by bringing up how gals doing it too...when gals aren't being discussed and it wasn't stated gals don't do this.

      Again it seems you may have projection issues considering your talk of gender roles and bringing up the possibility I may have assumed you were straight..o.O

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  • Some people are just simple in their head and their priority is not to get into impressing people. They are happy the way they are.

  • why dont you give her a go :)?

  • So girls have to dress up and wear make up in order to be considered "pretty"? I call bull sht.

    • I'd agree with you if she wasn't 23 and, despite trying, has been single her whole life without even being a bitch.

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    • Alright, then rephrase, what in your opinion has some ordinarily nice/pretty girls hopelessly single?

    • Is she religious? Super intelligent? A tomboy?

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