What do you think I should do about my looks?

Like hairstyle, should I change my facial hair, etc.



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  • well youv got awesome features, only thing id recommend is a different hairstyle:) ur facial hair suits u well like that. if u ever wanna bring ur moustache down to a stubble thats the only thing id bring up.

    i reckon u should grow ur hair out and get ur sides a bit shorter than the top. something like this:

    if ur willing to try something VERY different go for a combover:

    hope it helps somewhat..

    • Thanks. And I don't know what's with my mustache. I trim it the same length as the rest of my beard but the hair is just thicker I guess.

    • i still think you pull it off well:)

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  • ZOMG NO HOMOZ. You look fairly decent. No, really.

    Now, my bias on looks isn't one to follow. Mainly because not everything on everyone looks great. However, here is my suggestions: Haircut and shave. But then again, I have a buzz it and shave regularly, so style isn't my thing.

    You look fine either way though.


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  • May be you should go to a hairstylist who will find a haircut that will suit your face and go to a barber, you have a nice face though :)

    • Do I just make an appointment with a stylist and ask for their recommendation?

    • may be you can try to find hairstyles you like on google and show it to a hairstyliste and ask him if it can suit you. Yeah, just find a good professional in your city, try to see some reviews on him before letting him do horrible things on your head lol. Take an appointment and just ask him advice

  • I think you're really cute


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