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Hi , I work in retal. The merchandise manger was being promoted. The owners decided to make me merchandise assistant until she leaves and eventually I would become merchandise manager. I signed papers with my job accepting the assistant merchandising manager position. I love the idea and I'm very excited. But recently the company hired a group of new people. one of them has been working all my normal shifts. word around the store is the person is training to be the merchandise manger. Today while asking about my position , I was told that my position is no longer a real manager position and that I am pretty much just the assistant to the original merchandiser who is now district merchandise manager over the two stores the company own. I am to do what she say and get done what she needs to be done. All while this person continues the secret training.


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  • They may be looking for someone with more experience. Don't go by word, and don't have a chip on your shoulder. If you get passed by there is nothing wrong with asking why you where not selected. Good luck!


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