Why does it seem that females have more flexibility when it comes to formal clothing? Am I accurate to think that they have more flexibility?

I could be wrong but I notice there's more diversity regarding to what females wear as to what males wear when I look at professional meetings and such.


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  • obviously. men wear suits. that's it. women have much more grey area, but that also means we get reprimanded for our attire a lot more. you may think that something is "business professional" but your boss may see it as more "business casual" or "professional, yet not quite formal business professional." women can wear suits everyday too, but they're a lot harder to find in a fit that flatters because they're not the staple, like for men. so yes, more flexibility, but i'd actually prefer a set standard, because you can't just walk into a store and pick up "work clothes" easily.


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  • Because male formal dress is almost always about power and influence, and that includes being part of a hierarchy.

    Women's dress presents them as decoration and amusement.

    • A clear and concise answer from a master. Rhyme intended. Thank you for your input.

    • If you're -interested- in men's formal clothing, there's a lot to it, but it's more subtle.

      Slight details, signs of quality.
      Perfect fit.
      And above that, working with a tailor to slightly deviate from standards to best reflect your body. Moving a button placement up or down an inch or two can visually change the proportions between your legs and torso, for instance.

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