What can I do while he is away?


my boyfriend is always away

3 months in HongKong

and then got back home for 20 days and now he is in the USA

to me this is almost not a relation

cause in so many ways it's!

it just hurts me a lot to feel un cared about or ignored for this much!

we had been together for 3 years now and it's always like this.. him going away to other countries for business while I stay in my country to finish my study

iam wondering what can I do mean while!

sure some peoplee would say leave him .. find some other man who buys for me roses and takes me to movies and other places!

but although I wish sooooo much to have a boyfriend like that

but I would never replace my man!

i love him

and he loves me too

it's just our life styles that makes me so sad and angry and all the bad emotions in the world

would any one know what can I do to keep my hopes up?

or know actually what to do mean while?

it's not like i am just gonna set and wait for him .. I wanna have a life too

how do I do that?


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  • It sounds like he needs to do some maintenance. Do you think there is any chance he is "sampling" while he is away? I know your needs are different from his, but my guess is his needs are being met and he is not meeting yours. He needs to know your expectations, and if he can not/will not attempt to fill your needs, then it is time to re-evaluate the relationship.

    You say you would never leave him. Never is a big statement. I am guessing there is some condition in which you would decide to move on. Think about those reasons and see how far away you are from that "line in the sand".

    If you decide you are going to put up with what you are getting, then keep yourself busy with school and other aspects of your life. Time usually fixes all problems; either making better, or worse and therefore making it easier to decide to find someone else.

    Good Luck,


    • Thanks ur words means a lot to me.. I will try to see where this relation is going for.. wht will happened to me or him or maybe us.. every thing seems so not right! I don't deserve this I know iam better than to be treated this way. maybe I will be happy at the end.. before two days he told me he is not going to travel and go any where for a year and he told his boss that this is what he wants! so when I asked him why do you do that? you love to travel! he said he misses me & just wanna b with me! :)

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  • go out with your girls... then have hot lesbian sex with them. I'm sure you're boyfriend won't mind as long as you put him on webcam for him to watch

  • Wow that is a tough situation, taht's why it's hard for some people to resist temptation and and up cheatin on their b/f-g/f. I guess the best advice I could give is trying to find a hobby or something you like to keep you busy, something you like doing. Hey if you really need it maybe try going to a store and buy that certain toy to keep you busy. :/


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  • You say you would never replace him. Why not? You cannot separate the lifestyle from the man. He is his lifestyle, they are not separate things. What will you do when you finish your studies? Are you going to get married and travel together or will you be left at home raising children while he is gone all the time? What are you getting out of this? And don't just say "love" because you can have that with a lot of men. Are you afraid that you cannot do better or afraid of having to date and meet someone new? I know that is scary but you need to really think about what kind of future you can have with him and whether it will work for you.

    • Iam not just getting love &the first law of the love is to never expect too much! I hopE! but I don't expect!&if we get married I would be with him ofcourse on his travels..but our relation is not based on the future..it's now..the relation it self that matters not what will I get out of it or him!

      &sure I don't want to replace him..he is the one..i know it..i know iam the one for him too..we do extra ordinary things together

      but my question is not about him here..i just wanna know what can I do to make my self stronger ..i had been always and this situation..but its nice to start doing some thing for my self..not the usual!

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    • Thanks dear :) I hope so.. maybe things will change who knows! iam just expecting a lot from him and that is a mistake iam making! he runs aways this way from me! iam gonna do some changing that's for sure.. thanks for the replay .. hope things will get better for me

    • Why do you think iam shallow?

  • i don't blame you for feeling that way...id be all freaked out much often if my boy is away for that long...but you can do happy stuff go for vacation or hangouts with girlfriends all the happy stuffs..

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