Girls, how can I hide this with only a foundation powder?

Ok so I ordered some make-up last week still hasn't arrived, I use bare minerals. Last month I tossed all of my other make-up and bought a new set but while it's been in the mail I have just been using the samples every now and then since I don't wear make-up often. Yesterday I fell and I have this huge bruise that all purple, yellow and black and it's on my cheek near my eye. All I have left is the foundation powder so how can I just cover it up? I have a charity event and don't want it visible. If there's a slight tint its ok.


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  • Girl you're going to need to go buy some emergency foundation cream and concealer and then top that off with foundation powder if you want to even try to make it seem like you don't have a bruise...


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  • oh a bruise! have you been in a fight or something like that?normally foundation powder could hide it

    • No I wasn't in a fight, I train horses and got a new one who threw me into the fence.

  • try using a consealer , mac does really good ones that will cover up just anything.

    • I don't have any make right now, other than the last sample of the foundation powder and I did use mac it made me break out badly.

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