Making Out Does Horrors to My Face?

Girls, when you've just had a long make-out session with your partner, is your face ever really dried out? if so, have you found any tips that helped it not be this way? do you know what causes your face to be like this?

Guys, have you ever had a partner that always looked worse for wear after you were done smooching? if so, did you mind?

just been wondering because this happens to me all the time lol.


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  • Oh yes, if they are prone to that 5 o'clock shadow it is the worst. I might as well take a brillo pad and rub my face with it, I would get the same results, eh awful.

    • i know! my face is so red too from it. thank goodness he doesn't have that all over his face! just his chin/upper lip which just happens to be the worst spots haha. i told him he has to shave if he wants to kiss me lol

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    • Guys do have their moments :)

    • Thanks for MH, I noticed I am the only one who answered. But thanks anyway points are points :)

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