Why women on the Curly Nikki forum are so hateful towards hair texture?

Awhile back a girl said she thinks her hair is 3c, and these women got so offensive and saying that she is obviously a 4a. Now I know better you can have both textures, but clearly this girl, was not no 4a. An then she posted on another forum, people was telling her, her hair is 3c type texture and that the women on curly nikki are definitely crazy for going off on that girl. Like really why women on that forum so crazy and mean on hair texture, just because someone claim a 3 does not make anyone better than a 4. But to claim somebody what they are not, is beyond me, just so they can fit into your idea of what her hair should be about. So why are all those women that hateful towards the texture of another woman's hair and I have notice only black women, would go off and be that mean to someone's hair type.


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  • I guess women want to be closer to the "nicer" hair texture which is why they get so defensive when someone thinks they are another hair type.

    To me there is no such thing as "nice hair" or "good hair".
    Good hair which is usually referred to as referring to straight, wavy, or loosely curled hair.
    Tightly coiled hair would be considered "bad".
    That is the hair type that these passionate women look down upon and don't want to have.

    All textures to me are beautiful.
    One hair type isn't better than the other.
    They all require different care.
    When you know how to care for it, the work doesn't become that difficult.
    I hate when people down others for having a certain hair type.
    All of this goes back to the slave mentality of what features were considered inferior.

    • Thank you Stacyzee. udolipixie wants to pretend it doesn't even exists. But I am glad you acknowledges it. An you are right, but some people can get really mad to the point they want to downgrade a person. That is taking it too far.

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    • Her being able to comb her hair doesn't necessarily mean she's 3c. Just because not too many 4s can comb and flat iron their hair doesn't necessarily mean she can't be a 4a.

      So still believe it can, without disregards to her answer. Read our previous posts. The girl is delusional.

    • Don't worry about it Stacyzee. I am sorry, for this. I find it funny you come on this site to ask a question and people want argue with your question. But thanks again for the help and comments.

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  • look, i don't know much about hair, but this doesn't seem like a big deal, or a deal at all?

    • It really is, if you a black woman, because them women take things to the heart when it comes to hair. I have definitely seen it, they think that your hair type should be, what they want it to be; in which I find it kinda of ridiculous, but hey whatever floats people's boat.

  • Why women on the Curly Nikki forum are so hateful towards hair texture?
    This question is skewed as I haven't seen much hatred on that forum. Different opinions and experiences it seems.

    I'm also not seeing much support that they are 'so hateful' as you haven't really stated what was 'so offensive' and 'so crazy and mean' other than them saying she is 4a. Unless to you having that hair texture is an insult thus it's offensive, crazy, and mean to think a person is 4a? o.O

    " But to claim somebody what they are not, is beyond me,"
    This seems a bit of an overreaction as they simply had different opinions and it doesn't really seem know that the gal is a 3c. The forums had different opinions she could be 3c, she could be 4a, she could be 3c and 4a.

    • Actually she is a 3c, because people on naturallycurly, know just a little more than people on curlynikki. An when she stated that she can comb her hair out and can start to flat iron it, not too many 4s can do that without some detangling effect and a blow dryer. I heard a lot of women on curlynikki is crazy, because a girl on youtube; who wanted advice from them and she talks about how they told her to get out, because they hair ain't like hers aka mixed; but get this. This girl hair was about the same as the other girl. The only difference is one girl was brown the other girl was light. LOL! An I said now that is ridiculous they kick out one girl for not having the type of hair that they think they wanted and kick out the other one for knowing her true curl pattern and then getting all mad about it, because she didn't claim a 4 lol! I said these women are too much for me lol!

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    • It is your opinion that the women are curlynikki are so hateful and that the discussion was 'so hateful', 'so offensive', and 'so crazy and mean'.

      Those are statements making defintive claims not simply stating your experiences. Since your claims are unsupported they are opinions.

      Until I see screenshots of the discussion, a thread link to the discussion, or quotes of what was said that's just your opinion.

      Your 'reasoning' that not automatically agreeing with what you say without proof means I am 'one of those women' in my view makes you look crazy not anything I type.

      Now if you are changing your story to in your experience curlynikki has been hateful then that is simply different experiences. But if you are going to make a claim that an event like the one in your QA is a common occurrence then prove it. If you are going to make a claim that curlynikki is hateful then prove it.

      Don't argue at, insult, or lie about someone because they want you to prove your claim.

    • Keep commenting sweetheart about how not agreeing with your claim without any evidence makes me one of those hair hateful women... o. o

      I am amazed you dragged up this months and months old discussion.

      This will be my last comment on this opinion. Have fun.

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