What curly hair type am I, because I really do not know what I am?

I don't know exactly what hair type I am, so I post some pics, to see what you ladies think my hair type is?



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  • Check out Naturallycurly.com. You will most definitely be able to decide on what your curl type is on there (I've looked at a lot of different curly hair websites and that one explains hair the best and easiest way) and also determine on what other hair properties you have (such as density, porosity, etc.) which actually are more important when it comes to figuring out what hair products will work best for you and how to personally maintain the health of your hair.

    Your hair doesn't have any product in it, does it? The most accurate way to determine hair type is after you've washed your hair and have absolutely nothing in it. In the 2nd and 3rd pics your hair definitely looks 4A. But in all the other pictures it looks 3B.

    • Yeah I think my hair has definitely a mixture, because sometimes it is harder to tell.

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    • I think naturallycurly.com hair forum, is best; because curlynikki them women in there are catty towards women; who asked about their hair. I just don't know what it is, with them lol.

    • Hey my hair looks like hers and it says 3c


  • your 4B :)

    • I thought 4b hair was this texture here wet?


      My hair doesn't look like hers, but really I think I have a mixture of a 3 and a 4, because just like ultimate ninja said, it can look 3 and a 4 lol. An yes! I all I do is wet and go and it comes out to look like that lol! So I guess I could mixture of both, because I do find a lot of my girls looser in some areas than others.

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    • thats not what i mean

    • Okay I don't get it lol!

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