Wearing cologne at the wrong time?

If a cologne is voted for wearing at night. Supposedly wearing at daytime can contribute a huge factor on being unpleasant? What do you guys think? Any opinions on that? Has been bugging me for quite some time. Thanks!


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  • Be very careful when you wear evening cologne in the daytime, it isn't designed to be in contact with direct sunlight and could literally set you on fire, not only is this rather embarrassing to suddenly combust, but it also let's off a foul odour which resembles cheese covered rancid fish on a hot day...


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  • I wear cologne whenever I feel like it, which is most of the time. As long as you don't put too much on there's no actual time for when it's appropriate to wear it. Chicks dig a good smelling guy. I get compliments on my cologne all the time!


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