How about a category for 'is this a new trend?' In addition to the 7 we have now..

Sometimes you want to ask if some unusual experiences you have are becoming fashionable or trendy...and it's hard for one person to know the answer, from one's own limited experiences.

It would be good to be able to locate that sort of situation by having a separate category for it...


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  • i'm not sure if you are referring to an article of clothing, if so, that would be deemed as a subclass of the style category.

    if it's about unusual experiences, it could most likely be anything and then most likely will be a 'why' type question like 'why did this happen, this weird experience' but is that not under other?

    • It would be good to have a separate category for discussion of new trends, more in terms of relationships or behavior, rather than mixing those trend questions with other questions about individual situations.

      The trend questions are very different from questions of the 'does he like me' vein, and so forth, of which there are so many.

      .I wasn't thinking of clothing trends, I wouldn't think we'd need a separate category for that!

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  • Trend as in, it seems to be the latest thing that couples are suddenly like becoming swingers? or trend as in, all the kids seem to be getting random piercings?

    • Actually, both would work. Any kind of general, cultural or behavior 'trend' that isn't specific to one person or situation, but happens widely...such as how many people are geting piercings, or becoming swingers, exactly....

      Don't you think we need such a category?

  • I think we need a lot more categories. Like 90% of my questions just go into the other category. I think it would be cool if we had like a Celebrity one, or something like that


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