Good color safe shampoo recommendations?

So I been dyeing my hair blue for a while now and I really want to get the most time out of it and I need to wash my hair even if it's three or two times a week tops cause it gets super greasy :p , What are some good color safe shampoos I can get at the drugstores or even Sally's? Nothing super expensive would be nice.Thanks :)


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  • Look for shampoos that say sulfate free, because they are less harsh on the hair, and dont strip your hair of its natural oils. When its more gentle on the hair the dye is less likely to fade.


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  • I recently tried using baby shampoo and conditioner and all I can say is that it's way better than using regular shampoos because it contains less harmful chemicals.
    You could also try using sulfate free shampoos BUT based on my personal experience with them, they made my hair extremely greasy.

    • Well I have straight hair and live on a tropical island so I get greasy hair either way I use dry shampoo but I will try the baby shampoo to see and gonna go buy some sulfate free as well.thanks!

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