How old do I look? & How do I look?

I just want to know how old I look at first glance. Looking young runs in the family, my parents are 60 and they appear in their late 30's. Personally i believe i don't look my age at all but i would appreciate some 2nd opinions. I also would like to know how would you rate me on a scale of 1-10.
Dark black hair
Eyes are olive green mixed with Hazel
I have size 7/16 ear gauges
No Tattoos/ No other piercings
Height:5' 7"
Body Type: Slim/athletic (Not muscular)
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 25 this July


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  • 16-17 years age slowly which is really good because you'll look younger much longer than most :)

    • That's very true i never thought about it like that lol Thank you :)

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  • You look like you are 17-18 :) it's hard to rate you because I am not a fan of those earrings at all. If I cut away your earrings you are 7/10 but with earring a 2/10. I really don't like them, sorry! But your face is good.

    • LOL thank you for your honesty, and its okay they aren't for everyone so i understand Lol.

  • You are cute! I would say 23

  • You look like your age 23-25 your cute

    • Awe thank you i appreciate it, and that's a first i usually get 16+ lol

    • Really no you don't you have a baby face as like in young but you still look your age. And your welcome:)

  • Not my type
    You look 19

    • Thank you for descriptive comment, lol and what would your type be?

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    • Randy and Sam are no longer together
      I'm giving you examples so chill

    • o.o nuu i sowwy<3 i was seriously asking a question i wasn't being rude or anything im chill. :C

What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry i am fit elitist. no muscle/10. why gauges i dont understand. arnt u afraid of dating a chick that can kick the shit out of u?

  • you look about 16. i was shocked to see you're 25. I look young too but my height and size make me look a little older than my face.


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