What topics should I make videos about for my YouTube channel?

I wanna be a vlogger like Bethany Noel or Acacia Brinley. I am a teenagegirl and I am interested in different make ups and hairstyles. What should I make videos about to attract people? I wanna be like Acacia Brinley


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  • 1. be 10/10 beautiful/cute/hot
    2. be 10/10 interesting
    3. YouTube about something everyone can relate to


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  • good luck with your YouTube venture

    show your personality and be natural in front of the camera

    have good lighting

    have a good quality of camera

    make sure your sound is good. I hate when these vloggers upload videos and you have to turn your volume all the way up and still can barely hear them. people like that typically are never going to be successful vloggers until they can get their technical issues right

    accessorize and have good style, don't look boring

    don't advertise your channel under other people's video comments. its annoying, thirsty and disrespectful


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  • do what you love, passion for a subject shines through and people take notice ^_^


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