What does your sexiest outfit look like? What about it makes you feel attractive?

What makes you look hot and how does it compliment your body. Also what body type do you have?


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  • A short tight dress with high heels, to shows off my figure.
    So only the legs show, but with minimal cleavage.

    My body type is nice lol, feels funny saying that.
    But I am slim,. I'm tallish (5'7"), skinny but very healthy, 32C , breasts, medium sized butt. I love my body shape; it makes clothes look good on me...but I do wish my hips were s bit wider as my ass is big for my small waist, but sadly I don't have much hips, but from the side view my but sticks out so much I hate it, I look like those horses that have a humans torso.
    I weigh 52kg (115 pounds), what about you? lol


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  • It's a basic dress shirt, pants, and dress shoes. Maybe add a tie.
    I like it because it makes me feel more masculine, adult, and professional.


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  • I'll always go with something short that shows off my long legs. I'm tall and slim (5'9", 130 lbs and 36C), so I'll go with a pair of stiletto heels, short, tight mini dress or a short miniskirt and button-front blouse, bra optional.

  • i hate my body type and i never feel attractive (

  • I feel damn good naked lmao. I'm very slim and so all those outfits that are supposed to be sexy just dwarf me with my lack of curves. Heck, even a bikini doesn't help :/

    But I guess a bikini is okay...makes my stomach look really nice and also makes my legs and arms look okay. Doesn't do much for my butt or bust but it's whatever.


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