Why doesn't he make eye contact with me?

My ex boyfriend and I are quietly getting back together. He broke up with me because he felt that he I was "too good" for him. I'm a medical student, a trustee in my own charity and a model. But I love him, he's perfect! No one knows that we talk everyday and care about each other. When we're alone it's magical, even better than when we were together! I like the way things are now as our two year relationship was way too intense and serious. His best friends (two of them) I think kind of know too. Problem is when we're in public, I'm normal and friendly but he's so odd and he can't look me in the eye for more of a second. I find it odd because he loves my eyes and has always said they'd be the death of him lol. It makes me feel uncomfortable as my friends notice it too! Why does he do that as it's difficult to hold a conversation, what can I do?


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  • I don't think he is interested in you.


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