Anybody on here ever dress up in drag?

I really want to do it, anybody got any advice? Helpful hints? Thanks. :)


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  • How adorable, good for you. I think that's so cute and sexy too. Please do me a favor though, go the complete route with a transformation, by shaving everything-face, legs, etc. Nothing worse than a hairy guy in a dress., and find a nice feminine wig. You might want to start practicing walking in heels and doing your makeup.

    • Thanks, yea, I shaved off most of my body hair a few months ago, I did the whole nine, chest, ass, face legs, balls and shaft, crack, all of it, need to do it again. :) do you really think guys in drag are sexy? :-)

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    • Yea, but I just dig on skimpy undies. :P

    • That's cool. There's something out there for everybody!

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  • Not yet! But it's on my bucket list. I want to do it on Halloween so it's not so weird.


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  • rocky horror picture show is a great way to dress up in drag and not get scolded for it by your fellow gender. go see the movie and dress up


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