Help finding my skin undertone?

I'm trying to buy a mac foundation but I can't figure out my undertone. I tried that whole looking at the inside of the arm thing to see what color your veins are and I can't tell. I have medium skin and in the summer I get very dark, but more of a red tan instead of a golden one. I get referred to yellow foundations all the time but they make me look like I'm smearing mustard on my face. But I try pink ones and they match nicely in person, but in flash photos I can look a bit too pink. I can pull off both silver and gold jewelry, but more silver than gold. Umm I wear a lot of blue, green, purple, red.


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  • Why do you smear mustard on your face? This is odd


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  • you sound like you are a neutral skin tone; if you suit both silver and gold jewelry, and yellow and pink under-toned foundations look okay but not entirely right than its likely because you are both in a way. Try a foundation with an N, then the number, but itd be best if you go in to get a proper color match a.k.a. they actually put three stripes of foundation down your face to check what your true color is.


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  • go to a makeup store and then ask to the salesperson


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