Girls, what are your thoughts on a guy's bedroom design/decorations?

This coming school year I'll be living in a house for the first time and I'm thinking about how to decorate my room.

It is a college house so the room isn't very big and I'm thinking mostly in terms of wall space.

I don't think I want to have blank walls because that would be a bit weird, but most of the decorations I would have are like sports memorabilia and the like, not sure what thoughts are?

So girls, when you're in a guy's bedroom what do you look for/notice and what kind of things do you like or dislike?


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  • The way it's designed isn't really that important. As long as it's clean, it's cool.


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  • You decorate it however you feel like.

    I sort of dislike seeing posters of sexualized women but I understand that a lot of guys have stuff like that so I don't get worked up over it

  • I don't really care. I'm a pretty messy person, too, so even if it isn't clean it doesn't matter to me lol


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