Hot vs cute

I'm tired of being called cute. How can I make myself be hot to a guy? What's the difference? How do I get out of that dumb cute category?


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  • Yea I agree with The Dude Next Door cute is better than hot..and if you want to be called that wear tight skimpy clothes..Cute is more respectable compared to the cheazy "Hot"


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  • Cute is better than hot. But if you want to be referred to as "hot," then wear slutty clothes. And wear skin tight clothes.


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  • Cute is better than hot to me. When a guy says you look hot, I just think they want sex, but cute could mean beautiful pretty, adorable, etc. there is nothing wrong with being called cute. Now if you want to boost up your sexiness, then I say wear a little more makeup than usual, show a little cleavage, smile a lot! and carry yourself a s a mature lady. Then cute might just turn into "sexy"

    • Thanks for the great advice. I agree, it's kind of better but I find guys get bored of me quickly, for being cute and innocent. I don't know. Maybe I'm just falling for the wrong guys.

    • We are all stuck in this box where we only keep falling for the same guys. which is not good because eventually they don't work out. I am a adventurous person and I have a fun wild side to me that my boyfriend loves!! I try to keep my relationship as interesting as possible. I don't want to be boring, bot saying that your are but if I were u, I would seek guys that are different from the ones you usually choose and do what I said earlier :)

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