Another rate me question.

Usually I spike up my hair, by the way.

I am also losing the glasses this summer.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • u look really sexxxxy to me

    • Wait what? How lol? After all these low ratings...

    • i think u look sexxy and i rated you a 9-10 but i would have rated you a 100 if i was able

Most Helpful Guy

  • Get a proper hair style. Fix your eyebrows. Wear some decent clothes. Then you could be an 8.

    • Yeah I usually spike my hair. But, how exactly do I fix my eyebrows?

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    • Yeah, like I said, I am going to get contacts this summer. So do you mean I should actually make my eyebrows less wide, or should I just trim them so it's less "bushy" or dense?

    • Probably both. If you go to a eye-brow trimmer person, they'll do it for you. In fact, I get mine done when I get my hair-cut.

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  • Call me an asshole but people have low as hell standards calling this guy a 7. He is clearly short, has not a muscle on his body, and average facial aesthetics.


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