Guys, do you find earrings sexy? I can't decide if I want to get my ears pierced...?

I've gotten them pierced before, but they healed up both times and i never really bothered after that. I always just said "I'm NOT doing that again" but now I'm starting to think maybe i DO want them pierced... what do you guys find more sexy, pierced, or not pierced ears?
  • pierced is definitely more sexy ;)
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  • nah, leave those lobes bare baby! HAWT
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ok, let me ask it this way... say you are kissing your girlfriends neck and you nibble on her ear a little, is it hotter if she is wearing earrings or not? i know for a lot of you it really doesn't make any difference, but if you HAD to choose.
i did end up getting my ears pierced. thanks for all the opinions, i ended up doing it just because I wanted to do it. id post a picture but I'm not totally sure how to do that :) thanks again everyone


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  • It doesn't really make a difference.

    Sometimes they can go with a certain type of outfit, or maybe fit one's facial features well, but for the most part it's just really an accessory. It would be like asking if we like women who wear purple more often. Well purple can certainly look great on someone, but really gross purple outfit doesn't make it any less really gross because it's purple...


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