Minimal back coverage bikinis?

It seems Brazilian cut-minimal back coverage bikinis are getting in the US beaches. I want to buy one for my wife, but I am not sure is she going to like it. She is 32 years old, she is not a college girl anymore.


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  • I gotta say, I hate when dudes buy me clothes. Period. So I'd say, don't play dress up with your wife.

  • well I suppose it depends on how comfortable she is with her body and if she likes to show it off. I like them personally

    • She is not very skinny and she loves deep cleavage clothes. She is recently not very comfortable with her body.

    • Well my suggestion would be get it for her but keep the tag so you can exchange it if she doesn't like it, and get a neutral color so things like print aren't a problem

    • That's a great idea. Thanks for the suggestion

  • Why don't you just ask her if this is something she wants to wear?


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