Girl I like maybe is geting a tattoo. Should I say anything?

well I mentioned her in my first question but another thing was on my mind , I saw on her Facebook that she is thinking about geting a tattoo , now I'm not sure where but it might be of a shell shape or design from what I read . now this is sort of surprising cause she doesn't have anything pierced other than her ears and no other tattoo's that I know of . so I didn't expect she'd be geting one rate away , but I do like tattoo's so I'm kinda turned on by the idea of her geting one just concerned if is going to be something I might like , mean I care about her so I wouldn't want to see her geting one that she might regret but as of now she's still thinking about the idea and I haven't talked to her about it or said I even know she was geting one .

so should I say anything , offer up my advice as to where I think one might look good on her or what ?


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  • If she wants to get a shell of some kind tattooed on the most random place on her body, that's her choice to make, not yours.


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  • No, if she wants your opinion she will ask for it...If you just mention it to her you will look nosey looking at her Facebook.