How to properly wear a romper?

For some reason, I've always felt awkward wearing rompers, so I now only wear them at the beach when I have a bathing suit under lol. I have long legs, and no matter which size I buy, they always seem to ride up and show my butt and I hate it. I always see a ton that I want to wear, but I don't know what to pair it with.


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  • I bought mine from Forever21 (denim roomper) Fits well I like the way it looks, but look out when you have to use the toilet, lol


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  • That is because rompers are weird and abnormal and maybe you have a big ass


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  • Im sorry whats a romper

    • I describe as a dress, but with shorts lol it's basically like a shirt and shorts tied into one piece.

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    • allows them to bend and sit without having to worry about crossing their legs, but are supposedly supposed to look just as good

    • Well if there comfortable then why not, like strech pants

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  • Sometimes you can't wear what you want, especially when it doesn't fit properly


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