What part will nudity play in future female fashion?

Women's clothing styles have followed a trajectory over the past 100 years or so from demure, when showing a bare ankle was risque, to today's revealing thongs and minibikinis and see-through clothing--to the great joy of males everywhere. The fem movement seems to encourage more exposure, like bare breasts, after disparaging it in the past.

Where can female fashion go from here? Will, or can, exposing skin play a larger part in ladies' fashions? Or will the pendulum swing back to that suffocating modesty of the past?

I would like to hear opinions from thoughtful women on this matter, as well as their predictions on style in the future. A statistical survey with poll numbers here would be too small, but personal opinions from females would help everyone, I think, arrive at a greater understanding on the present state of Western culture, the direction of popular opinion on nudity, and creativity here in the early 21st Century. Will we see more nudity in the media, on public beaches, and even in the general public, or are we seeing a style cycle that is running its course?


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  • I don't really have evidence, but I think at some point the "exposed-ness" will peak and it will be popular to wear hardly anything (maybe it's now), and then we will go back until being mostly covered is a trend.
    In movies made about the future with space travel and such the women generally wear more clothing, no?

    • Yes, it seems so. The futuristic movies I recall seem to show unisex clothing. One study suggested that males who wear beards rise and fall in cyclical fashion over 20 or 30 years, with beards now near a peak. Maybe there are extremes in fashion which humans will never go beyond.

    • That's interesting about beards, I didn't know that. I agree, extremes never seem to 'go out'.

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  • Women are wearing more now than in the earlier 2000's.

    • This video on YT and others prompted my question. Yes, Galliano and Gaultier some time back showed their things, but now maybe the nudity thing is peaking. I wonder if we will ever see women wearing such clothes to go clubbing or to the theater.


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    • Okay, I can't post the whole web site: It if on YouTube under Vancouver Fashion week fall/winter 2014 Lisa Loveday.

      Please accept my apology.

    • No prob! I'll take a peek later today.

      I was thinking of pop culture. I know that when I was younger, the clothes were more revealing than now.

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