Eye makeup? Stick with what im doing or try something new?

So I kind of want to try a new makeup style.

As of right now, I just wear mascara with a little itty bit of eyeliner on the bottom to make it darker (if i put mascara on my bottom eyelashes they look like spider legs and feel weird hahahaha). when i have my makeup on it looks like hers : cs319230.vk.me/v319230546/83ac/O86QywMcwaQ.jpg (but Hannah is like 100000x prettier haha)

But yeah i kind of want to try something new but I don't know what. I have brown eyes so i stick with black eyeliners and mascaras and browns/neutral eye shadows (if i wear eye shadow). Colors dont really do well with my eyes and if i do anything too dark it doesn't end up looking that great (To me at least). but i want something simple and easy to do and something that doesn't look like i have caked on makeup. the more natural the better!

so what types of makeup styles would you suggest? or should i just stick with the way i do it now?


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  • I love the eye makeup in the picture. I think you should stick to it. It's literally perfect to me. It's not over the top, and it's not too simple.

    If you're wanting something new you could try more so of a dark smokey eye, but since you want something with neutrals, i'd rule this one out but it's a try incase you find you like it. You can also use lighter colors to do the smokey eye. It's a dramatic look and it's gorgeous as well. You can use beige and light browns with dark browns to create smokeys as well.

    Light Smokey:

    Dark Smokey:

    • the first one is beautiful! i like the second one too but if i wear really dark makeup i look extremely gothic haha i actually did my makeup like this last night just to try it out and it looked really pretty weheartit.com/.../Huskilicious

      but it took awhile haha so id probably save it for special occasions

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    • Aww yeah that happens :( One of my brushes wouldn't pick up color good at all even though I was using a really good pigment from Urban Decay. I just transitioned and started using my finger. Changed my whole eye makeup life! lol :D

    • haha im glad! :) nothings worse than hair/makeup malfunctions!

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  • try some different colour of eyeshadow or wear kohl

  • I hate eyeliner on the bottom lashes! It's a personal pet peeve but I know lots of people like the look.

    & actually since you have brown eyes you can wear literally any colour! Coloured eyes are the people that have to be choosy.

    & it really depends on your eye shape on how you should do your make up. Google and YouTube eye make up tutorials and try out a few different things to decide how you like your make up to look. We can't tell you!

    • i used to do the bottom eyeliner really dark and it did not look good haha so as of right now, its dark on the ends where it meets my top eyelashes and then fades as it gets to the inside part or whatever.. but it doesn't look bad haha

      I've tried colors but for me it looks weird haha i tried this style last night and it actually looked really good since my eyes are shaped similarly weheartit.com/.../Huskilicious

      but it took awhile so ill save it for special occasions hahaha

    • Ah that looks pretty. If you practise doing it often enough you'll be able to get it done quickly!

      I can now do a smokey eye in less than 10 minutes :) used to take me like 25-30.

      Practise makes perfect.

    • oh man, i better practice then! i think one eye took like 20 minutes hahaha

  • Maybe you can mix a bit of color in the brown. Try putting on maroon eye shadow on and then lightly go over it with whatever brown color that you usually use. Also you could use a metallic eyeliner (only at the bottom) with your regular makeup to make it pop more. I don't wear makeup but hopefully this helps

  • I like your make up that you do right now. I do the same.

    You can try and use very light (champagne, beige colors) eyeshadow on your whole eyelid and also mascara. This will make your lashes pop out more. Its very simple and looks good (to me).

  • well, i can make a few suggestions. my eyes are a light brown so sometimes not all colours work.
    anyway, imma start by saying dont b afraid to try new things. try different liners. blue and green look amazing, believe me.
    the whole neutral thing ur doing is already fantastic, try incorporating a little bit of colour into it as well. eyeshadow isn't a rulebook. experiment and c what eyeshadow colours would suit u. then incorporate them with ur everyday makeup=]

    just keep it simple but fun:) natural is always best i agree.

    • yeah I've experimented with colors but I don't know i just dont think they look right haha

    • fair enough, if you're not comfortable then dont do it. but u said you wanted to do something new, and sometimes going out of your comfort zone is the way to do that.

    • yeah i know but i meant something new as in like the style... more than just mascara and eyeliner. i used to wear a little color but i wasn't really feeling it

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