How much makeup is TOO much?

Guys, I always hear about how you like your girls natural but also you like girls who can take care of themselves and make an effort.

Let's face it, not all of us have amazing skin and like to dress up our features but I just wanted to know... How much make up is TOO much?


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  • If they notice you're wearing makeup, then its too much. If it rubs off on their face or clothes when you give em a hug..its too much.

    Once while complaining about how my daughter got into my makeup, my boyfriend said...but you never wear any, what did she possibly get into?! And yes, I was wearing makeup when he looked at me and said that. I didn't even bother to explain.

    I see guys do that all the time too...if its not blatantly obvious, they really do think that their girls skin just looks that great, or her lashes really just just that thick and long. Many *think* they like it natural...truth is, they just like to feel as if she naturally looks that way...and not trying to change or hide herself behind a lot of makeup.

    so yes, its important to take care of yourself...but everything within reason.


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  • I usually draw the line if I can tell that the girl has so much makeup on I can see the grainy-ness of it. Then I usually think she is trying too hard.


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