Should I get a fitbit bracelet or the fitbit one (attaches onto clothing)?

I can't decide which to get! I have thought about it for months... forgotten and remembered I want one again. I like the idea of the bracelet, but I am a nurse and I worry about it getting gross and dirty. I also worry that people will judge me for having one. I like the fitbit one, but I worry I'll drop it somewhere b/c it seems easy to lose. So which do I get? Bracelet seems easier not to lose and easier to wear at night... but also annoying for work... but not as easy to lose... AH! Any advice?
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  • You should get the Fitbit bracelet because when you're working out, having it right there in your wrist serves as a motivation.
    And I don't think anyone will judge you for it. If. Anything, they'll respect you for trying to live a healthy lifestyle and would be a conversation starter.
    Also, I'm pretty sure the bracelet is water resistant so if it does get dirty at work, just wipe it every day with those sanitization wipes they have at hospitals. (I'm supposing your hospital does have them.)


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