Flip-flops that don't make your feet sweat at all?

I wear Reef flip-flops, and while it's a good brand, my feet get sweaty after wearing them for a while. They don't make my feet sweat nearly as bad as rubber flip-flops do, but they still sweat nonetheless. Do any of you know of any brands of flip-flops that don't make your feet sweat at all?


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  • When I had those hideous Nike flip flops (where the fuck did I put those?) they were the best flip flops ever and my feet never sweat. Cheap ones...awful...and I'm a lady, or a female anyway.

    • Really? That's interesting. I stay away from cheap flip-flops, as I actually had a pair of cheap ( about $15) rubber flip-flops break on me out in public after only about four months of usage. It was not a pleasant experience :P

  • Nike Dri-Fit Flip Flops


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