What advice would you give for hosting a house party?

I've hosted house parties many times. But I'm evolving in strictly inviting friends only (which I have a lot of) and I'm trying to keep everything elegant.

I've talked to both of my neighbors about it and extorted them with favors. I have a small town house with good enough room to fit 40 people in.

I'm trying to make it a late night cook out.

I just purchased bug spray and tiki torches.

I have music, alcohol, and good food such as burgers, hot dogs, steaks, kabobs, chicken, and some sides along with plenty of juice packs.

I have 3-4 hookahs set up.

Any other advice you would give me to keep everything wonderful and everybody happy?


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  • You're set. Remember to not be all uptight. And don't try to force people to have fun. Just let it flow.
    by the way how is a BBQ and hookahs elegant?

    • I think BBQ is much more elegant compared to house parties around here.

      And no one complains about hookah

    • I'm not saying that no one likes it I'm just saying elegant is not the word you're looking for for that party.

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